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Another word for currency. Something that people slave over doing unrewarding tasks to earn. Something that limits what basic needs a person/family can have as well as what activities, possessions a person/family can enjoy. The system is not perfect but it works better than the barter system. It's not the money that's evil. It's the currency system that can corrupt people if they let it. People give up everything to earn it, but end up with nothing. People cut each other's throats and kill each other for it. People become ignorant just because they have more of it. Money is stupid.
Monopoly guy: I love money. Average Joe: how can you say that? I hate money.
by Dat'smymamma January 28, 2011
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In life, you must go to school to have an opportunity to make large quantities of money. Once you can go to the job, you end up working for money until retirement, where you can spend your last years reflecting on all the time you wasted accumulating money instead of enjoying it.
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by The Guy of Enlightenment July 21, 2016
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Paper and coinage that can be used to exchange for goods and services. More of it equals power and chicks.
"My money got me a wife honey."
by CrazyMike February 10, 2003
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n. Currency that can be exchanged for goods or services.
n. A word yelled by a shooter after he makes a difficult shot in basketball.
adj. Adjective describing something as excellent or extraordinary. Sometimes used in combination with the word cash (circa 1996.)
1. Pay me the money you owe for the drinks on your tab.
2. Immediately following a made fade-away three MONEY!!
3. Dude, this weed is money.
(in 1996) Dude, this shit is cash-money!
by Someguy98989 March 05, 2009
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