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A reckless or psychopathic individual. Derived from 'Lunar' which in turn is derived from the Latin word for 'Moon'.
It used to be popular belief that insane and psychologically disturbed people had been effected by the phases of the moon.
His hands are soaked in blood and hes carrying a sickle with a big grin on his face.
by BadLieutenant September 01, 2004
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Before electricity was invented, full moons would cause masses of people to come out of their houses at night and frolic under the moonlight.
There's a full moon tonight, I'm sure all the lunatics will be out causing havoc!
by bobdobolina July 06, 2009
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Noun: An individual who is incapable of acting rationally due to mental illness, usually accompanied by overt bizarre behavior. Usually used humorously or informally.

Adj: Behavior that is manifestly irrational and disturbing to others
The action of the United States Congress in voting to pass a bill that would strike this word Lunatic from the U.S. Code.

They do not provide a replacement for this term, therefore if there are existing laws that protect those who do not have the ego or cognitive ability to care for themselves, any governmental protection will be removed.

The reason given is that the word has an archaic root, which would include eliminating a fairly large part of the English vocabulary, it would be decimated (look that one up
by Al, The Sage of Encinitas December 09, 2012
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A guy who stalks a person on the internet who wants nothing to do with him.

1. Opens websites about person. writes about them on myspace.

2. talks about their family

3. calls and harrasses people

4. tries to get other guys to abuse person

5. tries to get personal information under aliases

6. comes into chatrooms and stalks people

7. Breaks into e-mail accounts

8. Shows up at the door with knives
wow.. that vitale guy sure was a lunatic, did he finally go jump off a bridge or is he still obsessed?
by hefrind February 02, 2008
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A person who does what ever he wants without being allowed or asked to.
He is such a lunatic, he had a shit on the toilet seat!
by Funnytomgoesmad November 17, 2012
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