To be paid (v., passive mood, state of being): To experience cashflow that exceeds one's routine financial obligations, sometimes indefinitely.

Usage Note: As opposed to "getting paid," "being paid" implies an ability to splurge.
"If you f---in' with this girl then you better be paid"
- Kanye West

by TripleB September 19, 2006
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The persona and image of being cool and on the way to success (possibly). Paid can be attractive, tall, confident, well dressed, motivated, and (probably) a summer intern in DC.
Yo, that guy across the bar in the seersucker suit and the cowboy hat is so paid.
by Adi Von June 09, 2019
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a word meaning uber awesome ,uber good , uber spectacular .
etc .
cannot be intensified by the word uber because thats already in the definiton .
created in belchertown, massachusetts by two girls .
"theres a paid sticker on your shirt"
"thats because im paid"
"no youre uber awesome"
"thats a new word now "
"whoa did you see that guy . ?"
"yeah he was totally uber amazing . !"
"oh you mean paid . ?"

" this is the best show ever . ! "
"yeah its paidd ."

loser - "i wish i was paid like that cool kid"
by sum-airrr August 14, 2011
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A user (or multiple users) paid by wealthy people or corporations to disrupt and disagree with a discussion forum or comment blog.
That so-and-so always disagrees with any mention of climate change. He is a Paid Troll for the oil industry.
by TheKnightWhoSaidIckyIcky August 22, 2011
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an unarmed security guard

I mean, what the hell is this guy gonna do against a heat packing thief?
Lady: Aahhh! That guy just took my purse!
Guard: He sure did!
Lady: Well, do something, dammit!
Guard: What do you want me to do? Run up and slap him so he can knife me to death? I'm just a paid witness!
Lady: Argh!
by creaternity May 03, 2006
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