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The sharing of way too many banal entries on twitter from a person who thinks twittering make them famous.
When I saw Jen had written four entries in her twitter profile before noon about cleaning her apartment, I realized she was twattering again today.
by AS_King July 26, 2008
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The use of self pitying, banal, inane or downright uninteresting status updates via facebook or Twitter, aimed at generating pity or attention in comment form.
Jane is getting ready to go work, or Jane is wondering why everything in her life is going wrong. Both examples of twattering.
by Richard Drebin December 04, 2008
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TWATTERING:When you have up to five bitches on twitter that do not know about one another you are dating them and getting all sorts of sexual favours and they have basically been twatted..

usually sad desperate twats..LOL
steve:man i just twattered that brenda bitch last night it was the best twattering i have had in years and none of these bitches know about my twattering!!
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