Boring. Overfamiliar through overuse. Bromidic.
Jim: You are banal and bromidic. I do not wish for your company.
Sally: What?
Jim: Get lost.
by Anoynmous March 24, 2005
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adjective, describes something that is intended to be creative and/or thought-provoking, but is really just kind of unoriginal, pretentious, and stupid.
I like most of the Doors' music, but Jim Morrison's poetry is just plain banal.
by Woody Thomas October 10, 2009
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as boring as sitting on the toilet with nothing to read.
me: "did you go to the golf tournament today?"
you: "yes,omigosh,it was so BANAL"
by christina November 28, 2004
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Area between a males balls and his anus.
Roger loved it when Susie licked his banal
by Bobby June 19, 2006
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An adjective, describes something lacking in originality, obvious and boring.
Commonplace, unimaginative.
Anal with banana is banal.
by komaeda nagito February 21, 2014
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To do this wear a bannana costume and walk around eating a bannana. You can do this anytime of the year.

You have just commited Banalism.

Halloween : Yes

Christmas : Yes

Easter : Hell Yea
by Hahahahha you October 17, 2011
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Not the state or being of a banana, but the idea of banana itself
Because of my strong sense of banality, sometimes I subconsciously wonder how and why the existence of a banana came to be
by James Mathias April 26, 2019
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