1) The underappreciated apparatus of the Douche that actually does the stinky work. Attached to the Douche Bag.
2) A male who acts and looks like an utter jackass. Someone who transcends common insults to the point that simply calling him a "jackass" or "douchebag" will no longer do. Much more offensive than simply calling someone a douchebag.
1) "Check out the cell phone clip on that Douche Nozzle".
2) "Can you believe that Douche Nozzle? He's walking around the party, talking to fat chicks and searching for an 'Insert Here' sign".
3) Oliver from Spring Break.
by sowcow50 May 23, 2005
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A douche nozzle is a person who can't handle social situations without his douche bag sidekicks. He bumps into you and speaks louder than normal because he thinks his douche nozzle presence is so important. Douche nozzles and bags travel together because they both must exist for douching to occur.
That douche nozzle Rob showed up again with a bunch of douche bags. They douched around for a while and then fucked off together.
by booo-yah December 16, 2004
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Someone that either gets on your nerves or is just a fucking bag of douche. You know that one person. He's even more of a douche than a douche bag, he's a douche nozzle. He has no idea that he's being an idiot and is not suave in any way.
Person 1: Jim talked my ear off about his "episode" last night with Sheila with all the gory details. Fuckin' skank.

Person 2: What a fuckin' douche nozzle!
by Not1douche March 4, 2009
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The part of the douching apparatus that often is overlooked. It connects to the douche bag which collects the runoff. A nozzle is slightly more derogatory than the douche bag since the nozzle is the "business end" of the douche.

The phrase originated on the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline from C list celebrity Adam Corolla (also on comedy central, various shows)
Then that douche nozzle wrote me a ticket for a missing front license plate.
by Expane October 20, 2005
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(adj.)- the next step up from being a douche bag, usually a nosy bastard.
Guy: Yea, I boned that chick. And when I was done I gave her a Houdini
Chick: Why're you telling me this?! You're such a DOUCHE NOZZLE!
by Anubis Uriel April 25, 2009
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