1. A royal greeting.
2. A greeting of someone who is high.
person: "I want more of your ganja"
dealer: "yes, your highness"
by Ronny St Papps December 26, 2004
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"Get off your high horse" is an idiom people retort with in an argument when the other person is acting like a holier-than-thou being when in reality, they aren't. To put it in a simpler manner, to tell people to stop acting as if they're the top authority when they aren't.
Person A: "I am completely entitled to go around dismissing people when they do something completely normal just because they're wrong and I'm ultimately right."

Person B: "Get off your high horse."
by InsertDictionaryHere December 25, 2016
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Stop being such a a baby and get down to earth. You ain’t better then anyone else.
“Get off your high chair Albert!”

You is no better then any of us”
by The Old Coot! March 18, 2018
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When someone at work thinks they are better than anyone else and tries to slam someone for following the rules.
Kevin:"Holly, get off your high horse, I'm sick of it"

Holly :"No Kevin, get off YOUR high horse, acting like you own Terrace!
by j--hizzy March 02, 2007
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When some one acts superior whereas they are not. Sometimes they are mistaken but usually delusional.

Example is when a man who is trying to see a woman texts her that: “I would love to see you but it seems to me that you want more than what I can give. I don’t want a serious relationship.”

The woman says: “oh please ...get off your high horse. I am just no longer interested”!
Man: “I am not looking for a serious relationship but love seeing you”
Woman: is this guy crazy or what ? Who wants a relationship with you?! Sonshe says: “ oh please... get off your high horse. Relationship?! I am not interested in you anymore. Stop texting me”
by FascinatingWords February 03, 2019
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An idiom used when you try to demoralise a smart cookie from spreading cringely bullcrap
Guy1: Ur such an idiot, u can't even include iostream and restart your computer
Guy2: Get off your high horse, you can't even write a paragraph in HTML, smartass
by probablythisnameisntused January 26, 2020
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