A weapon of mass destruction developed by evil Canadian scientists in an attempt to conquer the United States and make Canada a super country. When the weapon grew, the scientists put it to test on youtube with it getting millions of views. The scientists approached the Canadian capital to notice a high torture rate. The scientists told that Canada would gain control of the US if sent to the states. Convinced, they sent it to the US only to be backfired when he gained teenage girl fans. Furious by this, Canada commenced Search and Destroy in order to destroy the weapon. But due to it's popularity, its bodyguards would risk to take a bullet for the WMD. Canada is still trying to reach the weapon but it has shown no effect so far.
We must stop Justin Bieber before it develops a army of teenage girls so Canada will be saved.
by Steven Trollinski August 15, 2012
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Annoying Fan: OMG, Canada's teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber is soooooo fucking sexy.
Me: The music scene of Canada has lost all credibility.
by live in halifax? you know me! December 20, 2009
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Prepubescent girl...erm...BOY, that only knows how to write (if he even writes them) and sing songs that have to be about the one girl for him. Adored by 10-14 year old's nationwide.
-Justin Bieber fan on Justin Bieber.

QUIT HaTiN! U R ONLY jeluss cuz U Can'T sing liek HIM!
-Justin Bieber fan on Justin Bieber.
by Scramblez November 29, 2009
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1. (n.) (Jus-tin Bee-ber) - A homosexual female fifteen year old singer who should be assassinated by a group of snipers, tied to an airplane crashing into a volcano, or kidnapped by Ted Bundy. She is not old enough to drive but yet, still sings songs (that she doesn't write) about love and heartbreak. Her music video for "One Time" makes a Banana's in Pajamas sleepover look like a hardcore orgy. The hardest drink being consumed at the party is most likely Diet Pepsi and ice. Her fanbase consists of 8-14 year old girls and their mothers. Her topics of love include the positive aspect (playing mini golf and watching PG-13 movies) to the negatives (breaking up over AOL Instant Messenger). She is bewilderingly linked to being signed by Usher (another oversynthesized "artist" who should be working at a movie theater, not rapping). Her aspects of love are limited due to the fact that she is not old enough to see R-Rated movies, enter clubs, establish credit, or even work a part-time job. Her biggest fans and groupies include preteen girls who jam themselves inside a second floor mall Ambercrombie Kids store and are evacuated from the mall due to the possibility of breaking glass railings and falling to the first floor. Also see Aaron Carter, Miley Cyrus, Adolf Hitler.

2. (v.) - The need to have your mom drive you to a concert/big event/press conference due to the fact that you are not old enough to obtain a valid state driver's license.
1. Justin Bieber is the best teenage female singer next to Jesse McCartney and Ashlee Simpson.

2. Aw man guys, Sorry I'm late to the gig but I had to Justin Bieber here, are we still opening up for Simple Plan tonight?
by Lazybones213 February 15, 2010
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Justin Bieber: As long as you love me...

Canadians all over the world: We don't know him. At all.
by The Adorkable One October 02, 2013
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A Teenage boy singer who sounds like a 10 year old and still hasn't hit puberty. Although a few years ago he got hit by a water bottle. LOL
Justin Bieber was hit by a water bottle.
by Extreme_Z7 February 26, 2012
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