the act of tracking people down via online tools or any other tools to find out more information about a person. Typically this word is used to describe males who are trying to find more information about females they have met or are attracted to. Though woman have been known to profile men. Not to be confused with stalking where the difference lies in the intent. Stalkers and stalking is normally used to describe people who track people down normally with evil intent, like trying to murder them, annoy them, rape them, etc...profilers are above this kind of behavoir.
Hey Daniel did you hear about Ryan? He met this girl Karen yesterday at Club Mood and didn't get her number but he profiled her on myspace and found out that she has two kids!

by newchimedes September 2, 2006
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to show off -to be seen by all at your best, with the best wearing the best, driving the best.
"Profilin' at da club wit my niggas and hoes."
by Alyex May 24, 2004
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To profile someone is to show a person a complete side view of your naked body sometimes hiding the front and back of your body with a towel.
Can I get a towel sandwich with a side of sausage? Here's your profile baby!
by scooptown October 2, 2008
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A description of one's self to aide in fighting off the fuckwits in a Chat Room. Usually these same tards don't read it, so why does one actually create them?
ASL? Go read a profile you fuckwit. ASL? GO READ A PROFILE YOU FUCKWIT.
by huggy January 4, 2005
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a mechanism of identity creation which Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul D’Ambrosio in You and Your Profile, have termed profilicity, is closer related to sincerity than authenticity. profilicity is other-directed and reliant on the reactions of an audience. With sincerity, one’s family and community are the audiences that cast judgment on how sincerely, or properly, one plays the pre-determined roles.
Online social media being the audience instead of family and local community causes people to be less authentic and more conforming to online profile expectations. temptation is to do what gets likes, subscribers, and followers.

Authenticity is not other-directed because your mirror is the audience. self-creation is independent of pressure to get likes and subscribers and followers. The more humble self-creation is creating the authentic self. Lead me not into temptation.

sincerity is not as authentic because the audience is others and unknowingly we all wish to conform and be accepted so we adapt to what is expected. Success at being sincere builds EGO and shrinks humility for it comes with the praise of the audience.
RAM Bob: I have registered at 25 online social media sites so far.
Lord Bud: Son your not building an authentic character, you are using profilicity to build 25 identity profiles with 25 different audience expectations. You better just let me be your handler and Booking agent.
by Spiritual-Master March 8, 2022
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The name of a special FBI Unit
FBI agent's using what they know to Identify the Suspect and create a basic Profile, they've been call "Profiler"
Well, I'm not your stamp guy. I'm your Profiler.
by kingmor August 14, 2018
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Basically stereotyping for police. It's when an officer think a person is committing some sort of crime simply because they are of a certain race, culture, etc.

And as Ron White would say it, it is wrong.
They pulled me over, but they were stopping everyone on that sidewalk, and that's profiling, and that's wrong.
by TenshitheGuardian October 4, 2010
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