Harmony, A very loving beutiful girl, you might think she’s shy but when u get to know her you will find out she is the most out going crazy, funny girl you can meet, she goes through the most shit but is strong and makes it through it all, she is the girl you wished you had a friendship with.
1 harmony, she is so awesome I’m never met anyone like her

2 you wish you had my bestfriend harmony

3 harmony has the best booty ever
by Powertive March 10, 2018
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She will stick with u till the day she die but u make her pissed its over
Oh i know Harmony she da best :)
by Justice489 November 23, 2019
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Harmony is just beautiful. She knows her worth. Dont ever question her loyalty. She will be there for people who treat her right. She gives the same energy she receives. She seems to be shy at first but once you get to her , her personality is everything. She isn’t very energetic, she only is when she feels like it . But you will always love harmony .
Person : I have the best friend ever ! We can talk about anything!
Other person : that must be Harmony
by superlover_7 January 4, 2019
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She is the craziest and coolest friend you could ever ask for. So girls even get jealous of her. She loves Marching band and is in advanced band. You would wish she was your best friend. She has a big family. She plays the Alto Saxophone. She is called HAW for short. She always gets good grades
Harmony is my best friend.
by arrea081506 April 22, 2019
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She's so quiet when you first meet her, yet so different when you get to know her. It's hard not to fall in love with her the moment she opens up to you, and from then on it only gets better.
She's either the girl you regret not asking out in high school, or your childhood sweetheart.
I certainly don't regret asking Harmony out in high school, and I never will.
by TurnerT February 2, 2013
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Harmony: easy to fall in love with, Beautiful/hot, Class Bunker, Intelligent, Has one of the best personalities ever, caring, and is loved by everyone <3
I love harmony!
Harmony's one of the coolest people ever!
by Music<3 February 17, 2013
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Normaly a beautiful, musical and caring girl. She may seem shy to all that don't know her, but she is outgoing and down to earth to those she knows well. Once you become close friends with Harmony, she will open up to you and your relationship will last a life time.
Your relationship with Harmony will last a life time.
by HarmonyharmonyHarmony August 18, 2010
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