A Huge, uneducated, primitive shit hole where everybody is an expert on the subject and they all have to share an opinion.
Friend: Omgzzz i like twitter! Me: The epidemic is upon us.

Friend: Come follow me on twitter! Me: I don't visit a cesspool full of disease and famine.
by MangoSpider August 23, 2014
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passive aggressive pissy angry village of spoiled brats and people who think they're famous (under 140 characters).
"Let me add you on twitter.."
by F.E.Shoebash October 15, 2014
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Hell. Nothing more. It is the only way to describe it. It is the domain to some of the worst type of human beings on the planet. Filled to the brim with losers who spew insults online because they most likely wouldn’t dare say it in their real life. Shielded by their screen, they hurl hurtful rhetoric to anyone who disagrees with them, because, haven’t you heard? This is 2021! Respectfully disagreeing? Nonsense! Twitter is the birthplace of some of the most ridiculous ideologies such as #cancelculture and #killallmen. These ideas are birthed there, linger there, and are kept alive by the mentally ill who inhabit the platform. Oh, and one more thing......

Guy 1: I’m thinking about getting twitter.
Guy 1: Oh shut up, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m getting it.

*1 week later*
Guy 1: Hey, how you been doing brother?
Guy 2: did you just call me brother and not my gender pronoun of Emperor Zurg invader of the galactic empire? #cancelled. It’s the ✨transphobia✨ for me.

Guy 1: what the actual fuck.
Guy 2: It’s ok, you can be a 💅Nazi💅, just admit to it. I bet you even supported the orange man 🤬🤬🤬. #staythefuckawayfrommecheckkkk. #straightwhitemalealert. #justlostmybestfriend #but who needs friends when I can hide behind a profile picture of someone who doesn’t even know of my existence yet i dedicate mine to theirs.
by WonderVision January 24, 2021
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A super toxic app/website. The community on there as the combined IQ of a Goldfish. They like to cancel people for the slightest of things
Person 1: BRUH, *random kind and famous person* JUST GOT CANCELLED
Person 2: WOW, Where did *random kind and famous person* get cancelled?
Person 1: Twitter
Person 2: Ah.
by MrToucanLad December 06, 2020
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A social media website consisting largely of trolls, slacktivists, mentally ill, cyberstalkers and groomers.
You can make many friends on Twitter but unfortunately they're fake friends.
by AnonDoxy July 09, 2018
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1. A social website for people to stalk other people and celebrities by looking at their photos and seeing what they are doing at all times.
2. A place for losers with no outside social life who tweet every event of their lives so people will follow them.
3. A place for celebrities to boast about their lives while they are drunk.
4. A place for politicians to gain supporters.
I just posted a tweet on Twitter, I took my 170385th dump today!
by MoFraker November 13, 2011
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I went on Twitter the other day and they tried to cancel insert unproblematic person here for saying “peepeee poopoo69 years ago
by Verbal Irony August 13, 2021
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