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A kazoo is a small, simple musical instrument consisting of a hollow pipe with a hole in it, over which is a thin covering that vibrates and adds a buzzing sound when the player sings or hums into the pipe.
Kenny had to admit that he was musically talentless. Even the Autoharp was beyond his limited capabilities. He knew then he had to persevere with the kazoo because it was his last chance to impress the ladies and perhaps lose his virginity before his 52nd birthday.
by LiberaceHudson September 24, 2017
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Code 8 is the term given on a tannoy system to alert the store manager and assistant manager (if he's on duty) to the presence of a very hot woman in the store. Not to be confused with a Code 19 (otherwise known as Dragonwatch) which is an ugly woman. As you can imagine, Code 19's supersede Code 8's by a significant amount.
Debbie walked into the store. Her ass was magnificent and looked great in her denim cut-off shorts. her tits were heavenly and she moved like she'd just been on the receiving end of an almighty walloping. In fact, maybe the walloping to end all wallopings. She was sex on a stick and the employees knew it. Shireen the sweaty fat bird hated her. Harry quickly dialled up a Code 8 on the tannoy phone and in a matter of seconds Robert the store manager was pretending to adjust the shelves in the aisle Debbie was standing in. Ever the professional he asked if there was anything he could assist her with. Debbie said that she was fine but thanked him all the same. She made no mention of the soldier standing to attention in his pants.
by LiberaceHudson September 24, 2017
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When you're plowing someone's ass only to find a bit of shit moving about inside there as well. Not the most romantic feeling in the world.
"I headed to G-A-Y in London because I needed to rump roast Russell who I had met a week before up on the Heath, He was most obliging. I bent him over in the toilets at the club and was giving him a right old walloping when I realised to my horror, that it was going to be a chunk-and-spunk kind of liaison. I was wearing a rubber but it still put me off as the stench hit me full on as I was pumping my load into him."
by LiberaceHudson September 3, 2017
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Never say this no matter how juicy the Williams or Conference pear is you're eating when you are in the presence of an amply bosomed female. She will likely not be happy and may slap you thinking you are taking the piss.
Don espied the delicious pear he was eating. The juice was running down his chin. Lisa sat down across from him however he was so engrossed in what he was thinking he did not see her. "Nice pear" he muttered approvingly. A movement awoke him from his reverie but he was not quick enough to move away in time. Lisa hit him full on in the face and called him a sexist pig before putting her tits away and rushing out of the room like she was on fire.
by LiberaceHudson September 24, 2017
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Curvy in today's world means a woman who is gratuitously obese. In the old days, it meant a woman whose body went in at the waist and out at the hips and denoted a fine looking woman who magnified her femininity out into the world.
Beth is so large that there is no longer a dress size in which she can fit. She has taken now to wearing floor to ceiling length curtains. It's 2017 and she is a curvy woman.
by LiberaceHudson October 10, 2017
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A name given to your very first time sexually.
Brenda looks like she's just dismounted a horse. Might be something to do with her first cherry hump with that African American basketball player.
by LiberaceHudson October 7, 2017
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A very portly yet jocular Irish television presenter who is known for his quite considerable girth and prodigious eating abilities.
"You'll never guess who I saw in the local health shop last week?"
"I have no idea although I think it's a safe bet to suggest it wasn't Eamonn Holmes."
"No, he was down Gregg's. They had to close the shop after he'd been there to do a restock."
by LiberaceHudson September 22, 2017
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