: it is a name of a person.
: he is very handsome
: he is very cute that no one can beat
: he is very loving, loving to his parents, loving to his friends, loving to his family, loving to god, and loving to the world.
: sometimes he have a corny jokes.
: sometimes his name pronounced like joff, but it's jeff.
: so don't call him as joff, beacause it makes geoff angry.
Geoff is handsome
by jeploy October 8, 2018
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Etymological studies lead to believe this was a Celtic derivation in nowadays Holland. It translates roughly as either a state of grandiose magnificence or one who is God of everything and has a heart of oak.
Man, I feel so Geoff

This guy's a real Geoff
by Roger Moore Jr. October 7, 2005
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-best name ever!

-should be the name of choice that parents give their son if they wish him to be awesome!

-describes the the ultimate 'bro'!
Geoff is a handsome and available Renaissance man best known for his sense of humour, wit, and incredible ass. Geoff plays 83 different musical intruments, holds the world record for the most weight ever calf-pressed, has flown a fighter jet around the world blindfolded, ranks first in the world in both laser tag and good looks, and invented that chariot thing for cripple dogs. Geoff is legendary!
by Dean of UAC December 10, 2009
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the sweetest boy in the world! geoff is cute like a teddy bear, but he's better because he talks! he has a big heart and can always make you laugh and smile. geoff loves video games, pizza, and cute animals like doggies. geoff is the best!
Wow I love Geoff!

Geoff, please stop playing games so we can eat some pizza!

I hope I find someone as good as Geoff...
by jollyjelly April 27, 2009
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Another way of spelling the name "Jeff"; not to be confused with Ge-off

Full Spelling: Geoffrey
Geoff Loves Kayla
Kayla Loves Geoff
by Kayla Rae October 14, 2005
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Taking a really long crap at work to the point people ask if you left for the day.
Where did you go?
I was taking a Geoff..

I'm going to Geoff it up!
by Dueses September 7, 2012
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That guy that is always whipped by small ethnic girls.
Guy 1: Hey wanna chill?

Guy 2: Uhh...I have to clean my car (meaning hang out with a small ethnic girl).

Guy 1: Oh come on, don't be a Geoff.
by notBK June 4, 2010
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