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How I felt when I saw only one definition for angry.

Angry is an emotion that highly contrasts and disagrees with the emotion, happy.

Someone feeling angry will usually have a lack of joy, a lack of judgement, a sense of inbred hate, and overall frustration.

The "image" of someone being angry is usually accompanied by violence, a frown, the furrowing of the eyebrows, and sometimes growling.
Angry is a synonym for mad.

Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk whenever he gets angry (mad).
by Dre Tran July 18, 2006
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one of the better types of sex
my girlfriend pissed me off and we got into a fight. but the angry makeup sex was fantastic!
by shtoink November 05, 2006
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Adjective: A state of emotion caused by happiness. This results in the face scrunching up as they yell out obscenities in sheer bliss. Sometimes, impulsive violence arises because they do not want the happiness to end.
"WOW! He is so angry with joy!"
"YEP! He broke my nose!"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
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A condition upon which the male human penis becomes engorged with blood. From some movie with William Hurt.
(Body Heat)
Kathleen: "Why was she so upset?"
William: "I don't think she ever saw one angry before."
She makes me so angry!
by Phlactor May 27, 2009
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Meaning 1: A person who roams the streets of Campbelltown in a calm manner before exploding into sissy fits of rage, can be seen on early morning walks stopping to masturbate in bushes.

Meaning 2: The art of making one digest his own teeth.
Example 1: "On my walk this morning I put redtube on my iphone and did an Angry to fail"

Example 2: "Did you hear?, Joey went Angry on Mango, he was shitting molars for days"
by Wanderer13101 January 15, 2009
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