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A young girl who would rather be playing football in the rain than out shopping and boy hunting. Hangs out with boys. Does not care about what other people think of her, nor does she judge others for the way they are. Very sporty, and does not follow the latest fashion trends. Does not make fun of what most people would call " nerds " or " geeks ", and in fact befriends them most of the time. I am a tomboy, and I love it.
Girl: Whoa, look at that tomboy out in the football field! She's really kicking hide out there!

Valley Girl: Want to go shopping at Claire's?
Tomboy Girl: No, thanks. I'm going to Justin's to play football.
by psychic girl July 28, 2005
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A girl who dresses and sometimes behaves the way boys are expected to, often into more masculine things like "stronger" sports, computers, or cars. Stereotypically wears jeans, baseball caps, and denim vests/jackets. Often brought up with a lot of brothers or a child of a single father.
Lina likes gun shooting and plays hard to get. She's such a tomboy!
by Broody December 24, 2003
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a girl who would pick diggin up worms and climbing tree in her backyard rather than goin shopping at a mall. tomboys tend to hang out and get along with boys rather than fellow girls. tomboys usually get this way from hanging out with brothers/neighborhood boys and their friends or being raised by brothers or males figures of the family. a stereotypical tomboy wears no makeup or jewelry, wears jeans, baseball caps, has scraggly hair, etc. this is not neccesarily true, as many tomboys wear girl stuff. they just dont care what other girls or people think of them. a tomboy who wears girl stuff usual does not cooperate with "normal" girl activities and due stuff that they like to do.

despite hangin out mainly with boys, a large number of boys find tomboys attractive. jealous preppy girls usually get jealous and try to spread rumors that tomboys are lesbians, but in all actuality, its the preppy slut who looses because tomboys dont care SHIT about what other think of them and the guys still like them! ;P

indeed, tomboys are the true individuals of society.
i am a classic example of a tomboy. i had no sister my age, my mom was always working when i was younger and there were no girls my age in my neighborhood, so i grew up hanging out with my older brother, his friends and my dad. i grew up a tomboy. im 17 now, and i wear girly stuff, but i still have my tomboyish traits. i like spendin lots of time outside, i spend half my time on the computer, playing video games, watching tv, im not afraid to pick up bugs or of getting dirty in the mud, and i wear jeans the majority of the time. i dont get along with most girls. all they do is listen to rap music, groggle at boys, spend money on clothes and other stupid stuff. i may be the outcast of my class, but i do stuff my own way and im proud to be different and- proud to be a tomboy. ;
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 04, 2006
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Tomboy refers to a female whose behavior is free from the restriction of unwritten societal gender rules. She doesn't think she is being boyish or girlish, she is being herself. It is hopefully considered an old-fashioned term. I've always been called a tomboy and I hear it when I do something that requires physical strength or when I'm playing and don't mind getting dirty or injured if that goes with the game. I am heterosexual by instinct and choice. Tomboys are usually willing to fight if necessary & tend to be fearless though not stupid in that respect. They are intolerant of bullies and tend to step in to balance uneven situations. Warrior-like in an honorable way.
Joe: "Brigit jumped right in the middle of that fight to help Ben! She's 50 and such a sexy woman, I wasn't expecting that."

Mike: "She's what you older guys call a tomboy. Really, she's being herself and happens to be a person who's willing to fight."
by debbee January 13, 2008
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Tomboys can be of any age. The term usually refers to someone of the female gender who enjoys participating in typically male gender activities. It can range from cars to canoeing, and everything 'typically' male in our society. Tomboys are not only capable of easily navigating in a man's world, but they can also be feminine and sexy when they desire to be. They do it because they want to, not because they feel cultural pressure to do so. Tomboys will look you in the eyes when speaking to you. Tomboys tend to chose careers that are in the hard sciences - like math, engineering, architecture, etc... Tomboys can have difficulty relating to Girly-Girls because tomboys aren't as restricted in their ability to express themselves honestly and openly - whereas Girly-Girls tend to want to please, and thus work hard at conforming and trying to be pleasant, even when they are really ticked off! Tomboys friends are usually males, and they make really good wives. They can be sexy when necessary, and they can change a tire or rewire a lamp when needed. They aren't restricted by thoughts like, "I can't do that, it isn't feminine"! Tomboys are terrific!
I am an Older Tomboy (53) and I still like to fish, canoe, and shoot target practice. My husband appreciates these traits, and he also appreciates my ability to be loving, gentle and sexy.
by Older Tomboy December 27, 2007
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Tom boy; a girl/young woman, who embraces her emotions & feminine side, but also isnt afraid to get down & dirty (never worried about a little bit of dirt&&mud.) A girl who enjoys Ford & Chevy trucks with 4X4 & a lift kit. A girl or young women that can do everything a boy/young man can. Maybe better, maybe worse but always as sexy or sexier. Generally doesnt put up with bullshit & cant stand prissy little girls. A Tom Boy is NOT a lesbian and enjoys her men with gorgeous green eyes, a dirt bike or big truck, a little sweat doesn't hurt, without the cockiness & still a gentleman.
If your a badass im sure you know at least one Tom Boy.
by Trinity. July 02, 2012
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A female who doesn't conform to societies idea of what "feminine" is because she just happens to not like it. Tomboys are girls who are pretty on the inside and the outside, it just so happens that they don't feel the need to show it off. They also get along with males incredibly well, and never finds it "awkward" to be attracted to the opposite sex in a friend-type way. tomboys are also great friends. Generally, tomboys are the girls who like having fun by playing video games/sports/etc. and seriously don't give a crap if their hair isn't the exact way it was when they left their freaking house.
When a tomboy is friends with a girly-girl, she will sometimes be begged into wearing a skirt. After agreeing (because tomboys are excellent friends) she will end up complaining about it, because, turns out, skirts are worse than imagined.
by Illbeatomboyforever June 19, 2009
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