Yo Dawg, you's gots too many chittren's...you mos' definately need a sac rewire!
by jwhawor October 17, 2006
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rewiring the internet took longer than we thought
what they changed it again?
by the best October 16, 2003
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The Rewired Soul claims to be a mental health channel but most of his uploads are related to internet drama
by ChickenChad March 24, 2020
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A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, TENS unit is a nifty gadget that gives varying patterns and levels or low voltage current and can be modified for lots of sexual uses. A typical battery-operated TENS unit consists of a pulse generator, small transformer, frequency and intensity controls, and a number of electrodes if you choose to try needles as probes then get real hypodermics not sewing needle.you can basically rewire a woman's nerves with this thing.
" I got home and there wasn't crap on TV..so I got Maddy to lay over the arm of the couch pulled her panties down and probed her anus... zapped her with the TENS..and her anus rolled up like a donut... Rewiring Her Remote to zombie was..Lots better then that sad ass game.
by MADELINEB January 26, 2008
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Facebook Plans to Rewire Your Life. Be Afraid.
by LonnyS February 17, 2017
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