n ~ 16th century word meaning a boistrous girl who behaves like a man.
also see word tomboi.
by super love May 29, 2003
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a girl who is usual seen to hang around boys, and hates teeny boppers and girly-girls. she is usually one of the unpopular girls at school, and does not care what others think about her. she is different to all the other girls, and likes to play fun games in stead of sitting around talking.
she is sooo.. unpopular, if she was only a bit more girly she could be popular. stupid tomboy.
by jodie June 16, 2006
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A girl who's childhood was filled with GI Joe action figures rather than Barbie dolls.
They are not as emotional or girly girl as other girls. They grow up to become stoners in life
Blondie got high and remembered her childhood where she used to play with GI Joe and Cobra action figures. So her evil friend called her a tomboy
by EvilCookieMonster July 22, 2014
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A term that has almost completely disappeared from use as result of the excessive gender individualism that has become so pervasive in Western (especially American) youth.

The term "tomboy" is used to describe a masculine girl or a girl who behaves in ways that are more closely associated with that which would be expected of a male. Despite this masculine behavior, the tomboy is still a girl. Due to the polarization of gender roles and behaviors ironically caused by the social push for gender variance, no one can be a "boyish girl" or "girlish boy" anymore. Now, you're either one or the other (or none, apparently). As such, the term "tomboy" rarely sees use anymore.
8-year old boy: "I like trucks."
8-year-old girl: "I like trucks, too!"
*they play together*

Adult observer: "Those boys are so adorable."
Other adult observer: "You mean 'that boy and that girl'?"
Adult observer: "No, they are both playing with trucks. Only boys play with trucks."
Other adult observer: "Perhaps not everyone has to perfectly fit into gender expectations to still be considered their biologically-correspondent gender?"
Adult observer: "But only boys play with trucks."
Other adult observer: "She can be a girl and like trucks. It's not against the rules to be a tomboy."
by a boy named Tom June 08, 2018
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A tomboy is a girl who likes doing rough/noisy activities usually associated with such as sports, video games, being outdoors etc. A tomboy also enjoys befriending boys rather than girls and prefers rougher things and enjoying herself than shopping and also does not care what people think or go boy hunting.
"I would rather be outside than go shopping it is not me as I class myself as a tomboy.
by misstomboy July 13, 2017
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