A tomboy is a girl who acts and dresses like a guy. They usually wear men clothes but occasionally they'll dress pretty just for the hell of it. Such as myself. I give my mother the liberty to see her daughter dress as a woman. (It's a lot of work...). Anyways, they aren't afraid to get a bit dirty. I cant really say what all Tomboys are into because we are all different. Although I myself like to be able to lift heavy objects and do things that a man does even though the men around me don't approve of it because I'm a female. I also cannot say that we are all fearless and are brave but I would probably say that the majority of us are.
I'm a tomboy and I'm damn proud of it!
by The_Fat _One January 13, 2014
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A girl that acts more like a guy, isn't afraid to get rough and dirty, typically wears boys' clothes or really anything comfortable, usually found hanging around boys, doesn't hate girls but most of the time isn't fond of their crap, would rather wrestle than gossip, and doesn't care about what anyone else has to say about her, but rather what she has to say about herself.

Tomboys usually get their boyish personalities when they grow up around boys, such as an older brother, a neighborhood full of boys or even having only been raised by a single dad.
Girly Girl: Ew, look at that girl. She's such a boy! And she's just doing it for the attention!
Other Girly Girl: Ugh, yeah! And look at her! Hanging around all the boys! She's just playing them! I'm soooo much better than her.
Tomboy: So what?
by Anakalusmus February 27, 2015
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A female who is obviously a female and love guys, but likes to be rough in ways that guys think she's a lesbian...
I like to get dirty and play rough, but I like to have nice hair and dress cute...
by Ashley Rachunok December 21, 2004
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A term that has almost completely disappeared from use as result of the excessive gender individualism that has become so pervasive in Western (especially American) youth.

The term "tomboy" is used to describe a masculine girl or a girl who behaves in ways that are more closely associated with that which would be expected of a male. Despite this masculine behavior, the tomboy is still a girl. Due to the polarization of gender roles and behaviors ironically caused by the social push for gender variance, no one can be a "boyish girl" or "girlish boy" anymore. Now, you're either one or the other (or none, apparently). As such, the term "tomboy" rarely sees use anymore.
8-year old boy: "I like trucks."
8-year-old girl: "I like trucks, too!"
*they play together*

Adult observer: "Those boys are so adorable."
Other adult observer: "You mean 'that boy and that girl'?"
Adult observer: "No, they are both playing with trucks. Only boys play with trucks."
Other adult observer: "Perhaps not everyone has to perfectly fit into gender expectations to still be considered their biologically-correspondent gender?"
Adult observer: "But only boys play with trucks."
Other adult observer: "She can be a girl and like trucks. It's not against the rules to be a tomboy."
by a boy named Tom May 21, 2018
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a girl who can sometimes act and dress guyish
-she likes sports
-hangs with mostly guys
-is not the most popular person
-doesn't care about what other people think
-can fight
-isn't afraid to get down and dirty
-never puts her hair up
-wears baggy clothes but still looks good
-has nice hair
-usually sporty and strong
-fit and exercises instead of going anorexic or bulimic like some preppy asshole who wants to look good
-can do anything, any guy or girl can do cuz shes A LOT FUKKIN BETTER then U!!!!!!
she's a beast!!!!!!! A freakin tomboy babe!
by >> !$0b3/ << January 16, 2009
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A girl who behaves like a boy. Most of the time has more friends who are boys than girls. Would rather play soccer than go shopping.
I'm a tomboy. I have 2 friends who are boys and 1 friend who is a girl. I never braid my hair, and I only tied it back a few times. I climb trees and camp out.
by Fishbird January 17, 2008
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A tomboy is a girl that doesn't really act like a girl. Tomboys don't really have to wear guy clothes, but they can wear things that are more relaxed to them opposed to girlie girls who will wear skin tight clothes and high heels a lot. Tomboys will not act like most girlie girls. They will make their own decisions and they really don't want or need anyone elses opinions. They can be involved in more rough activities, like football or hockey, and can be more interested in mechanics, computers, video games... tomboys don't really care about dirt; they can wear the same pair of jeans for days and not really give a dang. They do tend to hang around boys a lot, but they might also have some other tomboy friends. Sometimes if they have a girlie girl friend, it's could be because it's a long time relationship, or maybe it's a friend of one of their friends. Tomboys are not to be confused with stock show girls. Some tomboys tend to catch the attention of boys because they happen to have a lot of common intrests with boys. Some tomboys may notice, but don't really care.

Some reasons to cause a girl to be a tomboy would be that she grew up with a lot of guys around, like if she has a few brothers or if she grew up just with her dad.
I'm a tomboy. I grew up with just my dad and always got on good terms with guys instead of girls. I have four best friends. Two are tomboys, like me, one of them is a guy, and the other is a stock show girl.
by FreakAttack March 06, 2011
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