A shortened version of "and such things", "and such other things" or "and such things as that". This is essentially a non-verbatim English equivalent of et cetera and can be used interchangeably.
1. Candy bars, and such, are not particularly nutritious.
2. I like modern furniture, like Swedish, Danish, and such.
3. Joe: Japanese car manufacturers are the best having won awards for engine, transmission, trunk space...
Kristi:...and such, but the real point is that...
by chango44 March 18, 2008
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the way to end a sentence when ur confused or high
so we r gonna go to the movies um ya and such
by tizzle dogg December 24, 2010
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a phrase that can be added after any sentence
I like futons,and such
by rubric August 17, 2003
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What you say to refer to other things of that nature, but the person you're saying it to gets the point and doesn't need a whole long list of such things. Unless they're a Karen and refuse to comply with said things.
We gotta wear masks and quarantine and social distance and such.
by Pialinist July 18, 2020
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