D1: a palm tree in heaven
D2: a crazy loving girl who cares for everyone C:
"Woahhh that tree loooks like a lina!"
by Bloss c; November 30, 2018
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Lina is a beautiful girl, she’s sweet, caring and knows how to cheer you up when your feeling down. She’s confident, smart and keeps her promises!
by Eleanor8999 November 18, 2018
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Lina is the most beautiful person on this earth. Her smile is insanely beautiful and her eyes are so stunning we can't help stare into them and get lost in her beauty. Shes perfect in every way. And boys, if you ever get yourself a Lina make sure u respect her and show her love because u will forever be in debt with her for her loving you. Lina is extremely gorgeous never let her go because she is priceless.
Person 1: Do you know a Lina ?
Person 2: Yeh I know a Lina she's makes me so happy with her perfection
by Timmy7315 April 6, 2016
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Her eyes are without doubt the most captivating aspect of her appearance, reflecting a look of wisdom far beyond her age that could not help but draw people in. She doesn't care much for wearing makeup, instead favouring a neutral look to compliment her natural beauty. Her tanned skin was like that of a model's, coupled with the latest trends she wore gave the impression that she had just stepped off a runway.
wow!! that's lina
by unknown_7 July 3, 2017
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Someone who is very sweet and always there for the people she loves. Someone who is smart, loyal, and loving. She isn't a fighter, but can be if needed. She will always love a special person in her life. If you have a Lina, treat her right. She deserves to be treated with love and respect. You shouldn't lie, or play with Lina's emotions. Most of all, loyalty and respect is important to her as well! Don't lose her!
Lina loves life and her family.
by 123456789the definition March 30, 2013
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Lina is an amazingly sweet girl who is always there for the people she cares about. She always wants to help her friends whenever she can and in any way she can. Lina is the kind of girl who will not hesitate to start an argument to protect or defend someone they love. She is almost always listening to music but still has time to listen to her friends. She likes nerdy little things and loves anime, she finds herself falling for different characters all the time. Lina is one of the most fun people to be around and has the best laugh. She will never fail to make everyone around her smile in a group. She is also extremely cute and pretty but has a hard time seeing it. You will also find that she is always taking selfies and even though she thinks she doesn't look good in them, she always seems to somehow. When Lina falls in love, she falls hard. You'll have a hard time getting her to shut up about her partner but in a way you find it sweet how much she cares about this one person.
If you know a Lina let her know you love her because sometimes she can have a hard time loving herself, and thank her for always being there no matter what. Never let go of a Lina in your life or you'll regret it <3
Friends: *are joking around together*
Lina: *mentions boyfriend for the 1000th time and giggles*
Elsie: "you can't go one minute without mentioning Fox can you? But your laugh makes up for it haha"
by Elsie <3 May 17, 2019
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Lina is a cool, loving best friend and she loves to be outside in nature and loves animals. She always thinks about other people be for her self and is kinda insecure but she knows she is beautiful. She has a group of friends and most of them are girls but she likes to hang out with guys because girls are to much drama. She's creative and likes to go on adventures. Everyone loves her and the people that don't are just jealous. If you ever meet a lina let her know she is one of a kind!!
Boy: Oh my god...your name is lina?

No way! :D

Nice to meet you!!!!
by Curly girl lover May 27, 2019
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