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When a joint burns faster on one side. Can be quickly remedied by saliva on the finger and well placed tapping
Person:Dude, this shit is totally canoeing!

Person 2:It's cool, I got it (Spits on finger and taps out fast burn).
by Scott Garrett July 20, 2006
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1. (noun) An abbreviation for stimulus check

2. (verb; stimmied) to get fucked by your government
Me and my homies are going to use our stimmys on guillotines and oreos. Too bad we can’t afford the milk
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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β€˜Canoeing’ (the practice of firing bullets into an enemy combatant’s head - alive or dead - in a β€˜V’ pattern intended to turn the top of the cranium into a hollowed-out canoe) is considered a war crime because it amounts to desecration of the bodies of enemies, which is prohibited by The Hague and Geneva Conventions.
As the bodies were thrown in the mass grave soldiers began canoeing their skulls with fire from their machine guns in the shape of a "V"!
by BoBoBrazil October 04, 2018
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When only one side of the joint burns down, this happens when the hash lies at one angle of the spliff.
As above
by t1dylad January 15, 2004
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When a joint burns unevenly due to moisture, the top burning with the bottom remaining unburned. The resulting shape resembles a canoe.
"Awww dude, it's canoeing!"
by Craig 119281 October 28, 2005
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when you light your blunt and it only burns up on one side
Oh my god, Its canoeing up the side!
by Erin May 18, 2003
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I went canoeing with Anne on the Juniper Spring River run in Ocala National Forest, and we had a great time. Many of the people in front of us did not know how to canoe and would go from bank to bank, and then flip their canoes. The alligators love it when the little pink paddlers float right up to them.
by mlhiss April 02, 2008
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