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Special powers of the mind. I am a psychic myself. Some powers that exist are:

1.) Procognition: Seeing the future
2.) Clairvoyance: Knowing that an event is taking place right at the moment; seeing an object(example: A picture you have never seen before) in a sealed box or other.
3.) Telekinesis: Moving objects with mind power alone. Not just small objects either. How heavy an object you can lift depends on how skilled you are with Telekinesis.
4.) Electrokinesis: Controlling electricity.
5.) Telepathy: Reading one's thoughts, and being able to feel how another is feeling.

Psychic powers don't work the way one might think: You look at someone and you can read their mind. No. It doesn't work that way. You have to relax and meditate practically on a regular basis.
She used her telekinesis to unlock the door.
by psychic girl July 29, 2005
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A young girl who would rather be playing football in the rain than out shopping and boy hunting. Hangs out with boys. Does not care about what other people think of her, nor does she judge others for the way they are. Very sporty, and does not follow the latest fashion trends. Does not make fun of what most people would call " nerds " or " geeks ", and in fact befriends them most of the time. I am a tomboy, and I love it.
Girl: Whoa, look at that tomboy out in the football field! She's really kicking hide out there!

Valley Girl: Want to go shopping at Claire's?
Tomboy Girl: No, thanks. I'm going to Justin's to play football.
by psychic girl July 29, 2005
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