Getting spit roasted by your dad and your friends dad
I'm playing football
by Potatomuncher123 March 9, 2018
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Colloquially used as an unfriendly warning to a fellow or fellows caught red-handed. Referring to the strong physical contacts in football,such as tackling or even wrestling.
"Wanna play football?" Officer Booth asked of Kenny,Kevin,Jamie,Matt,Robert,Harun,Uriah,Bill,Jim,and Tom,as he caught them mooning in public.

"Wanna play football?"Musa asked of his twin brother Harun,as he caught Harun trying to steal his medal. "That medal is mine,not yours!"
by JMC70 December 24, 2016
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Hood slang for "I fisted my brother so hard I hurt my elbow."
"Dang dude! You good? Your elbow looks fucked!"

"Nah dude, it's all good. I just got hurt playing football."

"Aw shit, man. That'll do it."
by Slabbadabbadingdong September 3, 2018
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