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Someone that likes being alone, and is happy with what they are. Often called freaks because the general population is too thinkheaded to understand the phrase "leave me the fuck alone"
He's such a loner, for some strange reason he doesn't want to have any friends.
by Broody January 29, 2004

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A girl who dresses and sometimes behaves the way boys are expected to, often into more masculine things like "stronger" sports, computers, or cars. Stereotypically wears jeans, baseball caps, and denim vests/jackets. Often brought up with a lot of brothers or a child of a single father.
Lina likes gun shooting and plays hard to get. She's such a tomboy!
by Broody December 24, 2003

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In a band - writting whatever you want to write, no matter what style or how bad it is without fear of receiving non-constructive critisism from the rest of the band. That means that a death metal growler can write acoustic emo songs if he or she wants for the lenght of the meltdown. Done to allow some freedom to your band and boost creativity. The material can later be salvaged and molded to fit the band's overall style.
Through the meltdown, Joel didn't write anything but instead rode his guitar on his cock and videotaped it. Damn he's useless!
by Broody February 23, 2005

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A stupid kind of music that requires to talent. The "musitians" are usually skanks or brainless prettyboys.
Pop makes me want to slit my wrists
by Broody May 04, 2004

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A crappy nu metal band who sing about how their dads touched their bumholes.

Normal Person: FUCK YOU, BITCH! Go listen to some real black metal,Children Of Bodom!
by Broody May 22, 2004

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A fucking emo band. No punk rock here! Just listen to their lyrics.Pure emo. "OMG SHE LEFT ME I AM SO LONELY FUCK ME UP THE ASS PLEASE!" Fucking posers.
Blink182 are a bunch of emo coksucking posers.
by Broody May 12, 2004

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A tallentless Nu Metal band, with a screechy female singer who tries to act rebelious and strong while still being a complete and utter pussy, delivering watered down rebelion to stupid wannabe goths who want to feel good about being ugly and fat.
Screw My Ruin, if you want to hear something with a chick growler, listen to Arch Enemy...
by Broody May 02, 2005

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