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A girl who's not fucking afraid of spiders. She doesn't care if her hair's not perfect, she uses cozy clothes (bras especially) rather than the latest fashion and she hangs out with boys instead of bitches. She knows how to fix your car but not how to apply the perfect eyeliner, she loves wrestling in the rain but not walking in high heels. She thinks twice before putting a skirt on, then thinks again and goes for jeans instead. Her closet's full of black and blue clothes instead of pink and she sleeps in an old t-shirt. She's always herself.
I'm a straight girl with messy hair and a funny sense of humor. I ride a black motorcycle, I love climbing and kick boxing and I'm probably better at card tricks than you. I'm a tomboy.
by Laras July 24, 2015

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Mandatory Ugly Dress. Often encountered when appearing in a friend's wedding, bar mitzvah, or other ritualized ceremony.
Jenni is such a bitch; that MUD for her wedding cost me $240!!
by LaraS November 06, 2007

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