an oval shaped object with a slippery surface. can usualy fit about three men inside.
by ram man April 28, 2003
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At the burning tip of a blunt, when it starts to burn down farther on one side than on the rest of the blunt, it is canoeing. This can be fixed by wetting a fingertip with saliva and dampening the burned down end. This is not only with blunts either. This can easily happen with joints and it happens with cigarettes sometimes too.
Dammit Elliot! Fix the canoe and then pass that blunt to Hernando.
by IEatBadgers August 22, 2003
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(verb) when a cig, joint or blunt burns further up one side than the other
Hey Jessie...this joint is canoeing fix it for me!
by Fishnets May 12, 2004
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Another name for the game more commonly known as flippy cup. Used primarily in Chicago.
We kicked their butts at canoe.
by lavalamp71 October 31, 2008
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1. you know you're a true canadian when you've fucked in a canoe.
by alexaplaydespacitotwo1 June 7, 2019
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1. to copulate, to engage in sexual intercourse. 2. related to the expression, "to tip a lot of canoes," I think.
I can't wait to canoe the shit out of that hairy skank.
by tipped March 13, 2008
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