When a boy flirts with a girl, but the girl pretends to be uninterested in the boy to make the boy try harder to get the girl to like him. In most cases, it doesn't work and the boy gives up and tries to find someone less conceited and arrogant than the girl.
Sarah: Mike was like totally flirting with me last night and he's like so cute but I played hard to get and like pretended that I totally didn't care because he has to work for it you know?

Mike: So I tried letting Sarah know that I was interested in her, but she didn't seem to care so I gave up and hooked up with Jessica instead.
by Steve Cormacke April 24, 2007
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Playing 'Hard-to-get' is a term frequently used by males to describe dismally failed attempts to seduce or amuse a women, and thereafter, console his battered pride.
Thabo: *texting* Hey sexyface, we should hook up sometime when you're free.

Sexyface: *replies* Hell No.

Thabo: *thinking* She's just playing hard-to-get.
by Mr_Ryt_Now November 26, 2013
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When a guy is extremely nice to one girl and a complete asshole to her bestfriend. He talks to her and flirts with her all the time. Then when the time comes to ask her out, he asks out her bestfriend.
An example of hard to get:
Hey Alyssa your my bestfriend.

Courtney your a slut.

Wanna go out with me Courtney?
by theking0514 November 1, 2010
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Some women play hard to get with a guy even when she doesn't find him attractive nor has any romantic interest in him. She just likes to be chased and passionately desired because it's like a power trip for her. Then, when she gets bored she just cuts him off, especially if she's an extremely attractive women who's aware of her own extreme attractiveness. Women like that have lots of options and usually get what they want, and it seems no matter how much you protest, no matter how cruel her actions are, she doesn't feel one ounce of sympathy because she has a legion of other guys that will drool over her and do her bidding. That's why it's so important not to immediately fall for women like that. I know it's difficult to resist a beautiful woman - very difficult, but you just have to precondition yourself to do it. Admire her beauty for a while, but if you sense that she's...that kind of girl, just move on.
Don't be anybody's fool, that's what I say. So, the whole playing hard to get thing is often not cute. For guys looking for something serious, it's potentially a waste of time.
by TøøtNøøt July 10, 2019
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This is a term used predominantly in the Australian Football League (AFL) to describe a 50 50 ball that is contested fiercely. Getting a 'hard ball get' is generally associated with tougher, better players who are not afraid to get involved in the game.
Tim wouldn't know a hard ball get if it hit him in the face.
by Hubsy August 13, 2010
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what girls do when they want a guy but don't want to seem too easy to get..but sometimes it's not even worth it, because the guy might just give up. believe me.
shelly: what happened with you and brandon ?
samantha: i was playing hard to get, and he gave up. i guess i kept it up for too long
by tayloorr June 30, 2010
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When a prospective sexual partner knows that you are seeking thier attention, they will do all they can to throw you off, so that you will have to do something seriously impressive to get thier attention. The two best tactics against this are to either completely ignore them or appear oblivious to the fact they are playing hard to get.
She's playing hard to get and keeps ignoring me.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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