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A wonder of a woman. As sweet as sugar but as fiery as a volcano. Her attitude reflects that. Although she will go out of her way to give you the last penny in her pocket, her kindness is not her weakness. She gives everyone as much rope as they need, and ore offten than not, they hang themselves. This woman is no stranger to heartbreak, but she is not broken. Although it is hard to tell at times, her gears are always turning. Silly and goofy, not afraid to make fun of herself to get a laugh, she can brighten your day with just a smile. She is a feirce ally, but can also be your sorst enemy, with no regard to how big her enemy is. A true friend.
Did you hear about that guy that got his ass kicked for canning a midget? That was Brigit.
by B-rad43 June 06, 2013
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A saint...the nicest person in the world who would do anything for anyone; a hot mama
"you see that women over there helping the blind man...yup thats Brigit"
by india123 July 20, 2009
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The world's dorkiest, funniest, smartest girl. A wonderful example of love and beauty.
Brigit and I spent hours on end spinning around in circles in her yard. Why? Because the more you love someone the harder it is for centripetal force to pull you away.
by Subconciously Paranoid November 29, 2011
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