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When you can't log into your account.
James: "Why can't we play multiplayer?"
Viktor: "I'm restricted."
by snopmannen03 February 04, 2018
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When something stops you from attending an event.
Shiv: I can't come to the park today. I've got to help my mum.
Laura: Arrrrr restricted!!
by Laura Kayliegh Pearse May 11, 2008
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RESTRICTED is an alias of a kid that thinks he can make a difference in the world with his music that he usually uploads on Soundcloud.
Kid 1: Have u heard RESTRICTED's new track on SoundCloud?
Kid 2: Nah man, is it good?
Kid 1: Na, its shit.
by RESTRICTEDofficial July 22, 2018
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