-hey look at my new shirt
- im deff diggin that shirt
by annymon June 10, 2009
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diggin- to go into the woods or swamp, to dig holes looking for indian artifacts
lets go diggin this weekend
by downtownhunterbrown January 20, 2009
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Supposedly when a person is flooding really bad.
Hell naw ha pants high as hell! She diggin on chief!
by Xania April 20, 2007
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Bro: did you hear about Gary and Liz?
Broseph: yeah they did the diggin hard last night
by Diggin master August 23, 2011
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In general it's pleasuring yourself.

Better way of saying jacking off && fingering yourself.
I know that broad ain't over there diggin....
by S.T.A.G September 11, 2011
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When someone asks for Anal sex. Particularity someone said someone is Female.
Just getting some diggin' tonite.

Hey, want to come over for some Diggin, my treat.
by Jonnoth1n December 5, 2019
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