Too Long; Didn't Read, also refered to as Teal Deer.. meaning the same "Too Long; Didn't Read."
by Deka May 16, 2005
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Too long didn't read.

Used when some geek delves too far into a technical explanation. to some girl on MSN or AIM.
Geek: "Hey my webcam isn't working, sorry. I could explain why but won't"
Girl: "Okay"
Geek: "Lol, I took it appart to make it into an infrared cam. It's pretty easy you just cut a bit of film negative up and put it inside, taking the old filter out. Means it see's infrared light instead of visible, cause the film negs blank that out. It's pretty cool I'm wearing a black shirt and it shows up white on the camera."
Girl: "tl;dr"
by jonnnyyy May 16, 2005
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short for 'too long; didn't read'

the phrase though is used the wrong way and idiots all over the internet tend to overuse this after every fucking sentence they make.
example 1:i got caught fapping yesterday morning
TL;DR I got caught fapping
example 2: i took a crap to myself while in bed.Long story short, i shit myself asleep
TLDR; I shit myself.
by alias667 June 26, 2011
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Too Lazy; Didn't Read
tl;dr originally meant "Too long; didn't read" the abbreviation is often used by people who just can't be bothered to read a piece of text. Many now see the term as meaning "Too Lazy; didn't read"" as a result of misuse.
by Arenquerojo November 21, 2016
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You go to install some shiny new software...but you have to agree to the terms and conditions first! TL;DR, Tick it anyway.
via giphy
by LazyCavy March 13, 2019
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Usually used in reddit stories, the term TL;DR (Too Long, didn't read) is used at the end of a long story to briefly summarize what the story was about for those not willing to read the whole long story.
Person 1 - "Dude did you check out the reddit posts I asked you to read?"
Person 2- "Sorry dude, I had no time to go through long life stories, I could only read the TL;DRs, they were amazing btw"
by FeckMySis July 02, 2019
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The four letters that gets an investigative journalist responding with gfym or grym as the response isn't exactly safe work work, it also pisses off short story writers who write in the same range as The Tell-Tale Heart or the mid-range of 4000-6800 words. It's the response that we ask if you read "The Frog And Toad Together" in the park in your 40s. The grym response was done by The Cabbie Homicide writer on VampireFreaks.
troll: tl;dr
writer: grym

troll: Shit did he just say go rape my mother.
by ilinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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