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slang contraction of is not, are not, am not, do not or does not.
He ain't lazy, he just ain't got nothing to do.
by superrockstar125 February 10, 2003
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informal language;teachers hate it;used in texting,talking
Ain't nobody got time for that.
She ain't listening to you
Why ain't anybody texting me today
by Iisreallystupid101 January 02, 2016
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<negative third person singular> Chiefly American Colloquial Contraction

A single word that is equivalent to other words such as:
1) Am not
2) Are not
3) Is not

==> Most likely originated in the Southern States of America as it flows easily with their accent but has now been used in many places around the world.
"I aint going."
"We aint going."
"He aint going."
by Stuart Fletcher January 29, 2005
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A word so easy to say and understand, English teachers don't want you using it and make you read war and peace.

Ain't= Am not
Child: I Ain't trippin nigga gimme the money.

Teacher: Page 1-500 now you illiterate fool!
by Cocker spindler January 05, 2008
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am not, are not, is not; have not, has not; do not, does not, did not.
"Ain't" ain't a word 'cause "ain't" ain't in the dictionary.
by Grinning Cat January 07, 2013
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1. a combination of the words are not.
2. a combination of the words am not.
1. You aint going.
2. I aint going.
by dixielightning July 26, 2003
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