Used at the end of a school presentation when you can't think of a good enough ending
... and there will be significant effects on the environment. So yeah...
by KorSide March 5, 2017
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Said by people who have nothing to say, seemingly trying to fill dead air. These people probably have their lips pierced and are under 18.
ok so like yesterday I was going to school and like I saw this girl and she was going to school too and I had my lip pierced and like she had her lip pierced too and uh like so yeah
by theguywhowrotethis August 5, 2010
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if you like summer rain, being naked, dancing, kissing, and fumbling and watching movies,
grab your guy and spend 90 minutes in the shower.
so yeah basically we argue real bad and then spend two hours in the shower to get our rocks off.
by Krkič May 3, 2019
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Used as filler or at the end of a sentence for added emphasis. Often used to make certain situations less awkward or to add on to ones original statement.
Status update: So my phone is broken and I cant text for a while.

Status update immediately following: Ohh, and also, I don't have internet until Monday so yeah....
by Dr. Jesus H. Christburger January 3, 2011
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used when relating a past event and teller is unsure or too lazy to think of a good way to conclude it
...and the car just sat there.. and so yeah.
by vd December 31, 2005
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A term online people use when they are trying to be a smart ass
This isn't the right yeah.
by Mike Nason March 9, 2004
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