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Short for blotter, as in blotter paper. In drug culture, LSD is commonly absorbed into this paper and sold as 'hits'. A single blot is normally smaller than a postage stamp.
Guy: How much for 2 blots?
Dealer: Ten bucks, but they're strong man
by tnt_blowitup March 07, 2011
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A blot can be anything from a pair of knickers to a door knocker
Examples. You are a blot, have you seen my blot, wow look at her blot,blot
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by Jdmtap June 30, 2019
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ya know when someone isn't quite a bot but is by no stretch of the imagination a band... it's basically someone who just is... nothing more nothing less... they just ARE... they just BE...
she blotted when she looked in the mirror and realized that she too was a blot. blot my life.
by blotomaticBAND May 18, 2009
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The act of throwing up after partying like a yiller.
"Did she just blot in her purse?"

by mac-yiller January 07, 2009
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