A boss ass bitch who doesn’t need anyone’s approval to be herself. Day after day she slays life, even when she isn’t feeling the best. She has such a positive impact on those around her. One day she’s going to be extremely successful and everyone who’s said anything bad about her is going to instantly regret that. (If they don’t already) Just remember, if anyone tries to bring you down, they can take that insult and shove it up their ass
Hey man she’s way too good for you” “Why?” “Don’t you know? She’s a Helen”
by Arianarandoms January 19, 2018
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Helen is very shy at first but once you start talking to her she is LIT and so funny! She may be a bitch sometimes and kind of rude but she is one of the most awesomeness people ever! If you are mean to her, you will probably regret it because she always finds a way to get back at you. (Blackmail) Helen is really beautiful on the inside and out. She is a great friend and defends herself and others. Helen is weird, crazy, funny, and cute. Helen is usually a sensible and happy person.
Boy 1: "Do you know Helen? She is really funny and so amazing!"
Boy 2: "oh I know, she is my bestfriend "
by CrazyLittle Mexican December 29, 2017
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A girl who is shy at first, but very playful and great when you get to know her. Often Helens are used by people.

Helen's are usually very smart and talented.

They are secretively very sensitive and are likely to remember bad things you did to them.

Helen's and beautiful but a lot of people do not realize it because her beauty is hidden by glasses or out shined by her friends who are more noticable due to their big personality, while Helens are shy.

Helen never steals boyfriends, and if she also has a crush on someone her friend likes, she will let her friend like him, get over him, and try to set them up.

There are a lot of things you do not know about Helens. Sometimes they can keep sad secrets. Once you meet a Helen, you should really try to get to know them because they are awesome.
Girl: Wow, I thought Helen was a bitch because that's what Katie said, but she's so nice!

Girl 2: Ikr!
by Lilly foster May 8, 2013
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Helene is a really really pretty girl but she doesn't know it yet.
She looks kinda mean sometimes but if you get to know her better you'll find out that she's going to be there for you everytime you need her and that she's actually really nice, funny and sweet if she wants to be.

But if you ever going to do something that pisses her off then It's going to take a long time for her to forget it so think about it a few more times before you do something that could make her mad or something like that.
Person 1: Look there's a Helene
Person 2: She kinda looks like she's pissed af
Person 1: Oh, that's what she always looks like, she's actually really nice and funny.
by Charlotte.fnk October 6, 2019
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Helen is a very polite girl. Her name means the goddess of perfection. Helen herself does not believe she is perfect. Mostly sits at the corner of the classroom. Shy and quiet, she hardly talks. Many people want her as their friends but she always turn them down. Once you get to know her you will realize that she is funny, and actually very loud. She is very strong in her heart. She may not speak much but when someone says something bad to her friends, she will speak up. She is strong and brave in her heart. Gets made really easily but tends not to show it.
Girl: Helen want to join us?
H: No thank you, but thanks for asking.
Boy: You should go kill yourself
H: Hmp, Why? I love myself more than I like you.
by Enderwoman May 24, 2016
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awesome nice person, Helen likes ur mom jokes and when ever someone forgets something Helen will always be prepared and if u forget a pencil she will give u one of hers.And Helen is a very likable person.
oh my geersh Helen is so awesome
by U3U May 15, 2019
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a girl who is so fly and fabulous that every girl wants to be. Girls are jealous of her gorgeous hair and flawless skin. Guys just want to get in. Helen's are mainly short asians. They are unique and have the longest hair. They are naturally very smart and intelligent and don't have to study for tests and still pass. They are mainly very shy but are often very playful once you get to know them. They are fun to be around and would make the perfect girlfriend but the people she surrounds herself around are people more outgoing than her and will always end up getting the guy.

If a friend of hers liked a guy she would pass up the guy and would also try and set them up together because that is the sort of person that she is.

She can be very stubborn and determined and won't stop til she gets her way but she is not a brat.

Helens are very down to earth and know the value of things.
They treasure the few people they allow close to them but wont always trust them 100%
Helens have many secrets hidden away and will not let them loose.

Helens are very loyal and trustworthy friends but beware they hear and see everything and they have a great memory.

Hurt them once and you will regret it for life.
Girl 1 : omg helen is so amazing. I cant believe how fabulous she is.
Girl 2 : she's a bitch
-helen secretly watching and listening-

guy 1: omg i want helen bad
guy 2: who's helen, stacys shy friend?
by swaggestasianout November 23, 2013
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