One of the largest Paintball forums on the net.
Yo did you see that thread on PBN?
by JCass August 15, 2004
A web site where, on any given evening, one may find approximately 500 paintball enthusiasts discussing the sport, and 1500 teenagers calling each other gay.

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"I got a boner at church, going up to get the host at Catholic Mass. I guess there's just something about Mary "

Teenage Flaming
Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"ur a pecker head u just know that hes right tard. and your re fagota."

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
and ur the retard ur talking about hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahah watch ur back viet congs are coming to get you!

Originally posted by **PbNation User**
"yea well thats not what ur mom said last nite, she really said yea ****** you really no how to make a fatty scream"
by CoreyGill June 19, 2006
Pbnation a great website to learn about paintball then use your knowledge to scam people.
Bill:Who wants dinner tonite? Outback ok with everyone?
Pete:I don't really have the money...
Bill:Its ok I scammed people on PBNATION for $200 yesterday.
by darknessconsumes March 17, 2008
A forum where users act like a complete asshole to you just because your new. They judge you by how many post you have made and what your threads you have made. Once a "respected" user acts like an asshole to you EVERYONE acts like an asshole to you. Besides most of the users and mods have an IQ of a 7 year old who does nothing but sniffs gas and drinks paint.
new user: Hey guyz whats up?

respected user: OMG! Its spelled "guys" not "guyz" dumass bitch!!!

new user: Oh and "dumass" is how you spell "dumbass"?

user: Hey stfu n00b hes respested unlike u bitch.

new user: Oh god, another asshole.


*new user banned*

That's exactly how pbnation users act....
by BL1NX August 5, 2007
pbnation is the place of ignorance and boredom
ok i got an idea lets go flame pbr
by paintballrocks October 26, 2004
The evil empire and spam-fest of all online paintball forums. Thugs and other people of this sort hang out on PBN.
OMG! PBR is SO much better than PBN!!!
by coolrazer October 26, 2004
a forum that is made fun of by other, more civilized forums.
by ~W:1:C:K:E:D~ May 15, 2006