Having more than the average or usual quantity, extent, or duration.
I apologize for being late, my meeting took way too long.
by Supercar33 August 8, 2016
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at once; with no delay;immediately
"(...) Three weeks of non-stopt rain!... I'd better find shelter before too long... It doesn´t look like i'll make it to the outpost tonight..."(Cerebus 5, by Dave Sim)
by Rita Maria Felix da Silva December 21, 2008
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A generic, and sometimes humorous, reply to someone who took way too much time describing something, while the description would've been sufficiently clear and complete with less words. The term is both used by impatient kids when they can't concentrate long enough to read more then two sentences, and the more intelligent generation-X poster when the "long post" in question could've been described just as well, but much shorter, this comment can be taken either way.

Also a reply to long, attention-whorey spam topics.
Politically Involved Chap: (long rant about the state of affairs in the presidential houses of middle-west Europe)

SpamClown69: (Long rant about rubber duckies and why he loves to rub his genitals with them)
MatureFolk: Too long, didn't read. Idiot.
by Grey December 20, 2004
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Too long. The correct usage is TL;DR.
OP: *Insert original post here*
Reply1: Too long didn't read.
Reply2: ^ TL;DR
by Coffa October 6, 2006
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To remain in a general area long after your assistance is no longer required, needed.
"You know, after Bill fixes my computer, he hangs around long after the problem is fixed. That dude always stays a beat too long."
by CollieK February 3, 2010
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Phrase often used on internet message boards to indicate that the poster felt that the previous post addressing him was too long, and therefore he did not read it.

These long posts generally contain a variety of carefully and maturely presented facts on the topic at hand, intended to provide an argument against the poster's views. These posts are generally too long and too content-filled for today's average Joe Internet who is always on the go and never posts more than two lines at a time.
that definition was too long didn't bother reading
by Irving Washington March 31, 2003
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When someone always has there dick in the pussy basically like a man whore
Mate why u always have to be the one who stays in too long
by Bigasssas April 5, 2016
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