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1. Possibly but not certainly; uncertain
2. Maybe; possibly
3. Risky
4. No guarentees
5. Results could be positive or negative
"Jonathan said to his young armor-bearer, "Come, let's go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised fellows. Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few."
~ 1 Samuel 14:6 (NIV)
by Amberosia October 12, 2005
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Something you say when the probability is unsure, maybe for the speaker or the listener or even for both.

A mystery to the listener, the truth known only by the speaker.
Perhaps you will know the truth eventually.

Perhaps I will take a walk today if it doesn't rain.

Perhaps I will love him one day.

Person 1: Do you have feelings for me?

Person 2: Perhaps
by I<3Gingers October 18, 2010
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The answer to any question that you don't know the answer to.
In many cases, it leaves the person in a state confused bewilderment when you answer with it.
Person: Wanna go get some food?
You: Perhaps.

Person: Hey, do you know what the time is?
You: Perhaps.

Person: Do you love me?
You: Perhaps.

Exam question: What's 10 x 3?
You: Perhaps.

Police: Did you kill this man?
You: Perhaps.
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1. "Perhaps", for pretentious pseudo-intellectuals who like to flaunt their knowledge of latin.

2. Per chance.
"Greetings traveller. Who am I? Per hap, you have met me twixt sleep and wake, in the penumbra of uncertainty you call 'unconsciousness' ...or perhaps you've met me at a book signing." - Garth Marenghi.
by darkplacefan2032 January 13, 2008
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