high or stoned

-from "hop", a nickname for heroin and/or opium, but can refer to the effects of any drug.
everyone got all hopped up at the concert and the after party.
by lucky September 10, 2004
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An adjective used to describe a car or engine which is modified to have more power.
A similar term would be souped up.
Dude: "Damn that car's fast!"
Dudley: "Yea, he really hopped up that car."
by morningwould September 14, 2013
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to trip ,re-up and be in ecstasy generall when someno takes lotta drugs
oh damn nigga stop frontin u hop up everyday takin my fuckin chronic!!!
by pitelis August 7, 2006
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Its basically saying that they are going to get in their car. Usually foreign refers to a nice car, but for those wannabe folk...their car.
Brianna: What you on Nykii
Nykila: Boa Im bout to hop up in that foreign and turn up.
Brianna: Ayee! Put me on.
by TinkerSquaad22 February 18, 2014
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sniffed by little kids, because they thought it was crack (Nestle Quick)
all hopped up on the Q strung out on my bigwheel, is a great example
by d-bawlz April 12, 2004
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Hyper caffeinated after drinking one too many cups of coffee in the morning
Dude at work: Yo, wtf is up with Allen? He is wired for sound this morning!

Other dude at work: He drank that whole pot of coffee, now he's hopped up on the bean.
by jlmgemini September 11, 2013
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Getting off your face on some sweet, harmless drugs.
Sadly, it's also a phrase that right-wing zealots use in their misguided belief that a WAR ON DRUGS is necessary.
Dude, I'm so gonna get myself hopped up on goofballs this weekend.

We need to shoot all these kids who get hopped up on goofballs, that's the problem with this country.
by sjaxso February 16, 2007
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