A phrase used when you agree with something. Usually said loudly, and in a deep voice.
by Jessyka00 April 12, 2007
Similar to that's what she said, but much more useful because it works in any situation. When you say this to someone else, it will most likely confuse the other person.
Anuj: I ate curry last night.
Tomo: That's what you said!
Anuj: Um... Yeah I did?
by AnusMan2010 July 7, 2010
Alternative of 'that's what she said' Turning something normal someone has said, to being sexual.
Girl: *spits out food* Your sausage tastes too salty!
Boy: That's what you said last night..
by Ojm123 October 7, 2011
The correct way to taunt on playgrounds. Often missaid as "I know you are, you said you are, but what am I?". Mostly by australians. Often shortened to "I know you are but what am I?"
Timmy: "you're a poop head"
Aaron: "I know you are what you said you are, so what am I?"
Timmy: *cries*
by TDYank June 10, 2020