Used in a sentence to state that it will never happen
There is no way in hell that this guy gets this job, look at the way he acts.
by Nlack Bigger August 4, 2015
1. A phrase meant to show you are completely serious. Heart and soul are involved.

2. To be positive, Unquestionable, Absolute.

3. To reach a goal or conclusion.
She asked if I would consider dating him again and I replied, "It's, all the way the hell, over."

My goal is to climb Mount Rushmore and I'm going, all the way the hell, to the top.
by LaRhettie April 4, 2013
It’s like “no nut November” but it takes place in January and if you nut once, you go to hell
I want to nut, but it’s “jizz your way into hell January”. I don’t want to go to hell!
by who_is_isabella December 30, 2019
What you say when someone (a half-friend, a leech, etc) is bothering you and keeps asking you to buy him something while you are in line at the fast food place.
Guy (Walking up to you in line): Yo, buy me something!
You: I'll buy you something alright...a ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL
Guy: I sincerely apologize. I will now serve my community and donate blood.
by Doyouwantafriend April 27, 2008