Too long didn't read.

Used when some geek delves too far into a technical explanation. to some girl on MSN or AIM.
Geek: "Hey my webcam isn't working, sorry. I could explain why but won't"
Girl: "Okay"
Geek: "Lol, I took it appart to make it into an infrared cam. It's pretty easy you just cut a bit of film negative up and put it inside, taking the old filter out. Means it see's infrared light instead of visible, cause the film negs blank that out. It's pretty cool I'm wearing a black shirt and it shows up white on the camera."
Girl: "tl;dr"
by jonnnyyy May 16, 2005
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short for 'too long; didn't read'

the phrase though is used the wrong way and idiots all over the internet tend to overuse this after every fucking sentence they make.
example 1:i got caught fapping yesterday morning
TL;DR I got caught fapping
example 2: i took a crap to myself while in bed.Long story short, i shit myself asleep
TLDR; I shit myself.
by alias667 June 26, 2011
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Too Lazy; Didn't Read
tl;dr originally meant "Too long; didn't read" the abbreviation is often used by people who just can't be bothered to read a piece of text. Many now see the term as meaning "Too Lazy; didn't read"" as a result of misuse.
by Arenquerojo November 21, 2016
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Too long ; Didn't read.

Any over wordy thread or long drawn out story that people don't want to really read, but reply to anyway.

Also a form of trolling or humorous reply telling some one to get to the point.
by D. ESPI March 13, 2003
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too long, didn't read
most often used in forums, when someone writs a really long post
tl, dr. that was a freaking essay.
by Carmen March 23, 2004
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A very complicated acronym
Its definition is so long no one reads it
"Did you find out the definition of TL-DR?"
"Too long. Didn't read."
by Michail Borisovič Rusakov August 1, 2019
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Thought to have originated on TOTSE this is a common reply to a very long post. It means Too long/Didn't read.
Person 1: Here is my thought on the meaning of life...(Goes on for another 1000 words

Person 2: tl/dr
by Vickylala May 13, 2006
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