To flash one's body parts at someone by use of a mirror, such as that mounted on a dorm room wall
Me: ( standing on chair without pants on ) "Hey Bob! Look up."
Bob: "Goddamnit!! My Eyes!!!!"
Me: "You've been mirrored."
by Red Wolf April 3, 2007
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1) When two people mirror each other, they often have a connection romantically or physically that causes them to move in sync.

2) Mirroring often suggests that the two are in love.
Jake and Marissa were just mirroring each other, both using their right hand to run through their hair.
by lamplove December 9, 2013
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The magical item you can use to view your own body.
I looked into the mirror ,and saw my face.
by Detective N August 10, 2019
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The magical door to another dimension where everyone looks like you when you look at them and copy's you.
The sad part is us mere mortals cannot break the barrier that is the other dimension so we are forced to look and copy our poor doppelgangers.
I looked in the mirror and the person in it copied me!
by Mr. Anybody October 5, 2012
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Legend says that if you go in front of the mirror, it'll show something very ugly and disgusting.

Study shows that the legend is 95% true.
Person 1: Hey dude, you heard of the mirror legend?
Person 2: Actually, I'm about to try it!
30 seconds later...
Person 2: The legend is true!
Person 1: Oh. Interesting.
by r_kt July 20, 2019
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An archive site or web site which keeps a copy of some or all files at another site so as to make them more quickly available to local users and to reduce the load on the source site.
The internet archive mirrors lots of old websites.
by ben_benson October 29, 2009
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A nice way to comeback to a roast if you can't defend yourself or just want to roast back. When you say mirror, it's like they are looking in the mirror when they say it, so it goes back to them.
Kevin: Yo you're a faggot just letting you know.

Leonardo: Mirror.
Kevin: Damn you got me.
by Palermo Pizza July 16, 2016
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