when a guy get kissed and his cheek or entire face has lipstick
Alex wore the badge of honor on his 25th birthday when his girlfriend and her friends kissed him with lipstick 25 times.
by Theinsider June 6, 2013
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A load of cum worn visibly - most often on the face.
Brother! Why would you suggest, that my girlfriend is cheating on me??
Kemosabe - she swung by the pizzaria yesterday, still wearing the badge of honor on her face!
by Cumfeedah May 26, 2010
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Metaphorical badge given to al people accpeted as rednecks by the redneck community. The redneck badge of honor can be taken away. Similar to a {gay card} but for rednecks.
Bubba and Skeeter took away my redneck badge of honor after finding out I don't watch NASCAR or eat KFC.

After my 12th can of Pabst, I spray-painted a Confederate flag on my trailer and was given the redneck badge of honor.
by bowlingforcolumbuncombe December 30, 2010
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To wear a diagnosis on your arm.
I have a badge of honor.
by Kuehlstein January 24, 2018
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