When somebody makes an critical mistake when they're overcomplicating things that are clearly straigthforward, somebody will have to point the flaw in their argument. Most of the times this includes an simplification.
Person 1: Women have more STD than men. This means that men are sluts, because if the women were the sluts men should have equal or more STD .
Person 2: You can't conclude that. You don't know who has sex with whom. Men have less sex, less risk of STDs. Women have more sex, more likely to have STDs. Simple as that.
by FatAndLonely July 24, 2016
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Term from the North of England, used to denote that actions are easy. Can substitute for "sorted". A contraction of "simple as simple does". Likely originates from the Lancashire area.
"Vote Tory. Simple as." -- Greggs
by Norf Man November 9, 2020
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Used to suggest that something is particularly easy to comprehend or uncomplicated. Communicates a greater level of simplicity than its antecedent 'simple'.

Often used ironically after an especially convoluted/complex explanation of something.

Coined by Aleksandr Orlov, the meerkat of comparethemeerkat.com fame.
"A comfortable victory for Liverpool at Hull City had seen the Reds climb back to the Premier League summit, but only by virtue of goal difference. Therefore, United knew a point against European-chasing team Tottenham would be enough to send them back to the top. Simples."

- Andy Gray, Sky Sports News
by the_dickie July 7, 2009
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When something is ridiculously simple, or a no-brainer.
Dude, that was rad! So simpl!
by smart_uncle July 8, 2015
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Being happy with the current moment whether it's how you're wanting it to go or nor. Loving what you're doing or at least something about it. Spend some days outside every now and then just because. with neighbors friends or family.
That sort of stuff that makes you say, "man, what a good day." -simple
by kuduman May 3, 2011
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A word to use after you “roast” someone and or state a fact. Popular term used by the Youtuber SoLLUMINATI.
My mans is a doo doo shirt and grey pants, SIMPLE.”
by Daddy Dark November 13, 2017
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