The four letters that gets an investigative journalist responding with gfym or grym as the response isn't exactly safe work work, it also pisses off short story writers who write in the same range as The Tell-Tale Heart or the mid-range of 4000-6800 words. It's the response that we ask if you read "The Frog And Toad Together" in the park in your 40s. The grym response was done by The Cabbie Homicide writer on VampireFreaks.
troll: tl;dr
writer: grym

troll: Shit did he just say go rape my mother.
by illinoishorrorman January 15, 2018
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This is an alternative way to understand tl;dr

So usually it's a response to a long-winded written explanation that someone posts online. But it can also be used as a brief summary of something at the top of a post for readers who don't have time to go through the whole thing

For example: My trip to Europe

tl;dr - I went to Europe, I ate cheese, danced with beautiful woman, hooked up with a man and had a unexpected boat trip.

Full post
On 21 January I got the itch to travel, so I spontaneously booked a trip to Europe... insert rest of post
Friend who got a job interview: I’m very excited. Also cautious.
Me: whats the tl;dr
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by benjamaan March 21, 2018
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TL;DR means Too Long; Didn’t Read.
This abbreviation is most used when texting to respond to a very long message. It can also be used with any type of other activity where reading is involved.
Girl 1: Omg did you hear about how crazy today was? The teacher was being a complete jerk and didn’t accept my homework just because I forgot to put my name on it! And guess what!? Josh broke up with Emily because apparently her breath smelt bad. What a jerk. Emily was in the bathroom crying and eating her lunch alone. I felt sooooooo bad so I sat with her. You should’ve came today tho. It was sooo awkward because we had nothing to talk about and we all know that you’re the best when it comes to talking to people.
Girl 2: Sorry, TL;DR
by whackybb October 13, 2019
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Means Too Long; Didn't read. Controversial to use it. If one is uneducated on it's meaning, it could be taken as a noise of frustration after an especially tedious, angry, and/ or cringy rant.
*insert tedious, angry, and cringy rant possibly delivered by someone who just came im close contact with death but emerged with a BURNING VENGEANCE*

by frisk-_-bitchface April 10, 2018
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