The alternate spelling of the word 'argument' in British English, as with 'judgment' and 'judgement'.
For the sake of the arguement, let us say that he is a potato.
by ptrferdinand September 10, 2006
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Arguement is argument spelt by a wannabe who thinks he's Mr.Slick when he's actually a slimy skank who skipped his school to sell kuchi ice.
when people think about masturbation, whatever the kind, their mind gets clouded and they spell argument as arguement.
by maapi2 October 6, 2006
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The slang version of the gramatically correct "argumentation". Proven to be the more popular version, it means the presentation of an argument or deductive reasoning in a debate.
i will win. period. end of arguementation.
by jen February 8, 2004
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An arguement in which on of the arguers will not give up no matter what evidence is provided to prove otherwise.
Hey, you look like that guy from Footloose!
Uhmmm, NO, I look nothing like him.
Wait a minute, you ARE the guy from Footloose!
Nuh, uh.
God damn, A Jonah Arguement.
by Doostien Ynskype June 17, 2008
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A locical fallacy in which the arguementative point is made into a caracature of it's original point. Extremely effective because it's not based on facts, but lies and assumptions. The burden of proof then lies in the defense, not the offense. Especially effective when the defense isn't allowed to offer objection. Popularized by right wing talk radio hosts Rush and Hannity.

Step one: Build the straw man. Ignore facts and make outlandish lies/slander. Redefine the facts. "liberals want to take your guns away and turn the U.S. over to the U.N."

Step 2: Knock down the straw man. "That flies in the face of everything we Americans believe in."

Step 3: Connect step 2 to step 1. "Only a communist would think of something like that."

Step 4: "Negate" your opponant by opposing the conclusion in step 3. "I hate those liberal communists. If they think us right-wingers will sit quietly while they destroy the country the're dead wrong."
Rush and Hannity can't argue the facts, so they have to make up the "evil liberal agenda" and then appear patriotic by opposing it.
by spot December 6, 2004
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An argument that is silly and can't be resolved. Usually about symantics.

The genesis is an argument over whether hot chocolate is still hot chocolate if it's cold.
by Jake November 16, 2004
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