adj. the stage of drunkeness usually occuring AFTER being knelt. usually occuring after that 11th or 12th shot of whatever liquor ur dumbass has been constantly sippin on all damn night thats stronger than 80 proof.
1: you was knelt last night wasn't you?....dumbass!
2: fuck that dawg i was so fuckin' slopped last night i don't remember leaving (or in my case a lot of the time) going TO the club!!!
by BIG TX Jon July 28, 2005
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slop slop is sucking dick or giving that good head.
rain drop, drop top, suck your mans dick give him slop slop
by thottiesupreme June 14, 2018
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Precoital occurance when a woman is sexually aroused. Her bearded clam/vagina seeps sexual lubricant, producing lady pre-cum. Often confused with snail tracks. A female version of a hard-on.
Lady 'The thought of that dump truck incident gave me a slop-on'

Charlotte said 'the thought of being touched again after so long, gave me a slop-on'
by Alison Sharkey and Lee Clark November 3, 2008
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Oral sex of the highest caliber; known to make one's knees shake.
"Man, I need some fucking slop"

"Cassie sucked my dick last week.

Did she have that slop?

Yeah, it was some slop."
by marleyrt September 2, 2015
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To perform oral sex (on a male) in a sloppy manner
by kevinismydaddy October 1, 2018
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Slop is whatever is leftover or unwanted.
That guy Shawn has got some serious slop in his life.
by CLICKHERE4ANTHRAX February 17, 2010
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Cold cottage pie, shepherds pie, casserole etc. Deliberately eaten without warming up.

Often going hand in hand with a foul stench.
"Blimmin 'eck lad, Jamie's eating slop again!'
"Crimes! He smells already"
by Prumps Manjula October 10, 2017
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