when something or someone has "turned you on" so much that you want to hump anything that moves litrally, or just when your dick gets so hard all the blood goes from your head
Ah when that girl got naked, i got so sexually aroused that my cock tore a hole in my boxers ,,
by olliebryant April 10, 2007
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I couldn't stand the sexual arousal she made me feel
by ms.fancy006 January 17, 2015
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When you have been turned on by someone’s physically in a sexual way that caused some your genetalias to form into a sexually active mode sending hormones to the genetalias from your brain causing: erections, hardening and moisture.
When Jade took her shirt off I became sexually aroused and formed a boner.
by MyNanlikesit June 24, 2017
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A FUCKING ASSHOLE who feels nobody can get sexually satisfied without them.

The running of an ad by the biggest ASSHOLE.

That motherfucker ad by reading it as it is only to SOLICIT SEXUAL AROUSAL as we did not have before the skills to get turned on by anybody else.

I am going to the classified SEX ADS to find the biggest ASSHOLE on there to see how they SOLICIT SEXUAL AROUSAL as I will answer them but just beat off to their ad cock teasing them or I might say ASSHOLE TEASING THEM.

Look at that ad Bill and Martha with your FOUR (EYE I AYE EYE) as it is candy to SOLICIT SEXUAL AROUSAL.
by PRIME ASSHOLE April 4, 2021