"Things are gettin' serious up in here."

"I made some serious cash last night."
by **** you March 19, 2003
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Grave in quality or manner, or being of such importance as to cause anxiety.
- like making sure that your space shuttle is safe to use to re-enter a your own planet's atmosphere... THAT is serious.
by Anonymous February 1, 2003
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Slang word used in the north of london
meaning some thing good.


some one that does not find what they do important.
Them creps are serious cuzz.


"Your not serious"-JME of meridian crew
by Voltige K-I-D June 11, 2004
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what all dads are when they come home from work
damn he's serious
by potatosfromearth123 May 15, 2017
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looking nice....as in someone/something that would interest you.
Wow! Shorty is looking serious in those jeans.
by Adrianne March 24, 2004
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1. something generally good or fun

2. something gangsta or crime related which is impressive

immortalised by garage emcee JME, "it's serious, serious". and so on.
1. "oi this new Mos Def song i got is serious"

2. ye i heard about that boy that pars around E8 but he's a pussy, he aint serious"
by Lord Sinista October 28, 2005
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The serious gorilla at the zoo scares me.

I have a serious dad.
by frabrizio October 4, 2016
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